Greyhound and Pet World in Limerick Becomes Main Distributor of OceanFeed™ Greyhound in Europe

Ocean Harvest Technology is pleased to announce that Greyhound and Pet World based in Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick is now taking over as the main distributors in Europe for our popular OceanFeed™ Greyhound product. We’re marking the occasion with a fresh new label and revised packaging options for the product line. Importantly, we’d also like to thank Davy Sutton for his tireless work in initially promoting Greyhound, and to managing its introduction over the past few years.

Greyhound and Pet World have over 25 years of experience in the business of providing quality performance feeds and are well-known members of the greyhound community. At Ocean Harvest Technology, we are particularly excited about the work that they do around rehoming, rescuing, and looking after retired racing dogs, to ensure that they have a healthy and fulfilled life after competition. We hope to support that work in the coming years.

For commercial enquiries, Greyhound and Pet World can be found online at For any other questions about this announcement, please contact Dan on